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Program Director, Girls In The Game

Elizabeth Tumiel is the Program Director at Girls in the Game, an organization that provides sports, health and leadership programming to girls across Chicago. A Licensed Clinical Social Worker, she brings a social work lens to their mission of empowering girls by assuring that the work is systems based and strengths focused. Elizabeth is dedicated to advancing the development of the social work field. She runs an internship program at Girls in the Game and is an adjunct professor at the Jane Addams College of Social Work. 

Elizabeth is heavily influenced by community organizing, having worked on homeless and housing issues for 8 years at Mercy Housing Lakefront. She believes in participatory practice, the power of developing leadership, and the primacy of relationships. 

Elizabeth is also a recently certified yoga instructor and has a certificate in yoga informed psychotherapy. She is passionate about how body based interventions such as yoga and sports can play a significant role in recovery of those who have experienced trauma. 

Elizabeth bikes to work when the Chicago weather cooperates and does a headstand on most days. 

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