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Executive Administrator, Reel Beauty

Yolander Rivers is a native of Chicago, Illinois.  She is the Executive Administrator at Reel Beauty, Inc. (RBI).  Yolander provides administrative and operational support for RBI.  Since adolescence, Yolander has had an affinity for making certain youth were seen and valued in her community especially young black girls.  She has been a dedicated consultant, role model and public figure to young girls for over a decade. 


Yolander received a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Alabama State University, a Master’s degree in Health Administration from the University of Phoenix and is currently employed by the University of Illinois at Chicago as the Business Administrative Associate in the Department of Pediatrics.  She is also a certified yoga instructor and CEO/Founder of YoSoul Yoga, LLC.  Yolander is able to share her passion for yoga with girls by giving them the space where they can connect their mind, body and spirit.   

Yolander’s involvement with RBI manifests the best of her talents, skills and abilities.  As a result, generations of young black girls will have tools to navigate life in a fruitful manner.

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